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Shop Inspection of Industrial Equipment


"Achieving Statutory and Non-Statutory Compliance to applicable codes, standards and regulations through Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) of Industrial equipment"

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Bureau Veritas Industry - Shop Inspection of Industrial Equipment

Shop inspection can include, as an example, the following

  • Conformity assessment:
  • Identification and verification of used materials,
  • Manufacturing works including welding Inspection
  • Factory assembling works,
  • Dimensional and visual inspections,
  • Non Destructive Testing Inspections,
  • Inspection of assembly, operating and performance testing,
  • Inspection of pressure, load and safety tests,
  • Coating or painting inspection,
  • Review of manufacturer’s file,
  • Electrical, mechanical, coating & painting inspections
  • Factory acceptance testing etc.
  • Marking identification and packaging inspection.
  • Authorised Inspection Authority (AIA) Inspection – Statutory, pressure vessels, piping, etc.
  • 2nd Party Inspection
  • 3rd Party Inspections



The service proposed by Bureau Veritas Industry supports a need of its Client to cover corresponding requirements when industrial equipment are manufactured, and subject to justification of compliance to standards or Client specification in reference to design, construction, testing, installation and commissioning requirements.

Scope of inspection carried out by Bureau Veritas Industry is to verify the conformity to those requirements as defined in the applicable standards or by the Client. The scope of inspection can cover the whole or a part of the production and manufacturing process (e.g. supplies, machining, calibration, assembly, testing) of all type of industrial equipment/products (e.g. materials, equipment, plants, components, spare parts, subassemblies, attachments).

In case of Third Party contract Bureau Veritas Industry acts as independent body and defines inspection methods or procedures which must be properly referenced in contractual documents and fully documented trough the deliverable issued on Bureau Veritas Industry template.

In case of Second party services Bureau Veritas Industry acts as representative of the Client which is in charge to define/select what are applicable the procedures, inspection methods and deliverable templates to be used.

Bureau Veritas Industry’s Client may be the Facility owner (the manufacturer) or the EPC/purchaser of the products.



The Bureau Veritas Industry Inspector will be in charge of recording, witnessing and reviewing any QA/QC evidences corresponding to manufacturing and operating conditions stipulated in the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP), or required for any other reasons (drawings, production code, additional standards, sampling methods or particular specifications or process).


Bureau Veritas Industry - Shop Inspection of Industrial Equipment


  • Encourages quality consciousness
  • Satisfaction of consumers
  • Reduction in production cost
  • Most effective utilisation of resources
  • Reduction in inspection costs
  • Increased goodwill
  • Higher morale of employees
  • Improved employer-employee relations
  • Improved techniques and methods of production



Subject to an express agreement by the parties, the service proposed by Bureau Veritas Industry may be supplemented, when appropriate, by other services such as:

  • Any design verification, manufacturing procedure qualification record and type approval for mass production,
  • Qualification of people involved in realisation of the equipment,
  • Welding procedure qualification records and qualification of welders and welding operators,
  • Any testing (material testing including mechanical property or chemical composition, performance testing at shop or in laboratories), and any non-destructive testing required by the standards,
  • Inspection as per specific Regulations governing manufacturing conditions of such equipment, insofar as Bureau Veritas Industry is allowed and approved to act on behalf of National Authorities (e.g. CE marking or any other international statutory certification).
  • Progress and expediting reporting.


Bureau Veritas Industry - Shop Inspection of Industrial EquipmentEstablished in 1828, Bureau Veritas is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC), delivering high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. As a trusted partner, Bureau Veritas Industry offers innovative solutions that go beyond simple compliance with regulations and standards, reducing risk, improving performance and promoting sustainable development.

Bureau Veritas Industry's core values include integrity and ethics, impartial counsel and validation, client focus and safety at work. The company is recognised and accredited by major national and international organisations and offers its clients a fully-integrated solution set.


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