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Plant Care and Project Services


"Reduces unplanned shutdowns and effectively manages the integrity of pressure parts, high pressure piping and thick wall component"



  • Boiler Specialist Services



Bureau Veritas Industry - Specialist Boiler ServicesClients operating coal or gas fired power plants are facing ever increasing demands to become more efficient and reliable. There is a constant drive to reduce unplanned shutdowns, especially due to boiler tube leaks. Utilities are pushing for shutdowns to be quicker and more effective.

The management of asset inspection and repair is a complex task and produces huge amounts of data, and quick analysis and clear scoping of work is essential for cost effectiveness and maximized asset reliability.



What are Boiler Specialist Services?
It is a service offered by a dedicated engineering team, utilizing good engineering practice and specialized inspection software, to systematically reduce tube leaks and assure integrity, specifically of the pressure parts, high pressure piping and thick wall components in the boilers. The service consists of the following: An Engineering team that implements and executes the work by capturing and analysing specifications and inspection data with the help of the software. The Welding module, as part of the service, enables the issuing of scope of work for repairs and then tracks the repairs from issue to close-out stages, virtually in real time.

Bureau Veritas Industry - Specialist Boiler Services

What are the key benefits?
A structured approach to manage the integrity of boiler components, to minimize financial and safety risks associated with plant failures. The software provides advanced storage and analyses tools that has been instrumental in achieving a significant reduction in tube leaks.

Sustainability and continuity: a detailed history of all engineering decisions, inspection and failure data is stored for the life of each component in a central database.

Budget Control: it provides a budget scope of work for outages with up to 95% accuracy.

Execution Control: The client has full control and visibility of the execution of inspection and repair scope. Inspection data is captured and uploaded electronically and visual interfaces of the system allow the engineers to quickly determine the condition of components and to take appropriate actions. The Welding module provides real-time tracking of Inspections & Repair Progress (with electronic signatures and an audit path) increasing shutdown productivity. 



From full involvement with the client, to complete service outsourcing, the solution can be applied to a pilot or a full scale project. In both cases, the process can be similar:

  • Assess existing information and facilitate creation of master test and inspection philosophy.
  • Analyse and prioritise the failure mechanisms with the most impact.
  • Setup the software modules with OEM specifications and parameters required for analysis.
  • Create inspection and repair scope-of-work reports for contractors.
  • Create and manage the inspection templates for data capturing.
  • Analyse inspection data in order to produce scope of work for repairs.
  • Capture all relevant information in order to manage future scope of work and resources required.
  • Track the scope of work from issue to final close-out for complete visibility and control.



  • Eskom Holdings Ltd (South Africa)
  • Kendal Power Station (South Africa)
  • Tutuka Power Station (South Africa)
  • Paiton Power Station (Indonesia)



For details about this service, please contact Bureau Veritas Industry:

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Manager: Plant Care and Project Services

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