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Wireless Technologies

U-Fi Wireless Technologies:

Bureau Veritas Industry - U-Fi Wireless Technologies

The U-Fi interface is an innovative wireless communication solution, incorporated into the Carab T workflow, which provides total operational freedom between a thickness gauge and the workstation. The solution consists of a sender and a receiver unit, which communicate wirelessly for distances in excess of 100m, effectively eliminating the need for cabled communications.

The receiver unit links into a portable pre-configured workstation and communicates wirelessly via the U-Fi firmware with the sender unit. The sender unit is configured for an Olympus thickness gauge (MG2-DL). After the thickness gauge acquires a thickness measure, the master unit initiates a request for data and stores it on the workstation.

The solution has been tested and benchmarked against the current manually supported solution at the Eskom Kendal and Eskom Tutuka Power Plants. No data loss was recorded and operational improvement exceeded 400%.

The U-Fi units have been designed to facilitate error free communication for up to 100 m. Optimal performance is reached in a range of 20 to 50 m and line of sight up to 4 km.

Bureau Veritas Industry - U-Fi Wireless Technologies

The sender unit is powered by a rechargeable 2200 mAh, 8.2v Lithium-ion sealed battery pack. A specialised Lithium-ion battery charger is required for recharge (approximately 2 hours)

Both units are encased in an anodised dye cast extruded aluminium case, with SAB plastic sealed end caps, to minimise performance degradation due to dust and moisture as found in most industrial environments.

The optimum current configuration includes an Olympus MG2-DL thickness gauge and the Algiz 7 Tough Tablet running Win 7 pro 32-bit to meet the specific requirements of the Carab Tekniva customer suite.

An application specific support contract can be provided by Bureau Veritas Industry.


  • Wirelessly transmit thickness reading to an Excel template
  • 100% accuracy of reading from gauge to Excel template
  • Eliminate manual capturing errors
  • Automatically upload the Eskom inspection templates directly into the system (only takes a few seconds)



For details about this service, please contact Bureau Veritas Industry:

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Research, Development & Innovation Manager

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